Prelude to the Winter Freeze, Holland, Michigan, Overclocking Event

Prelude to the Winter Freeze Overclocking Event -- Holland, Michigan












  AMD 965 Retail Processors Supplied 9  
  AMD 965 Retail Processors Tested 7  
  ATI 5970 Prerelease Video Cards Supplied 3  
  ATI 5970 Prerelease Video Cards Tested 2  
  ATI 4870X2 Retail Video Cards Supplied 2  
  ATI 4870X2 Retail Video Cards Tested 2  
  Gigabyte 790FXT-UD5P Mobos Supplied 3  
  Gigabyte 790FXT-UD5P Mobos Tested 1  
  Gigabyte 790FXT-U5DP Mobos Prepped 2  
  Asus Mobos Prepped 1  
  MSI Mobos Prepped 1  
  BioStar Mobos Prepped 1 Pots prepared for Testing 6 Pots tested 1  

Game plan:

Get the most results, with the least amount of effort/cost

  • Support the Sponsors! Hang the banners and work through the issues -- without them, we couldn't do this!
  • Figure out what the current records are for the particular product, and set the itinerary based on chip binning.
  • Spend 10% of the time on 100% of the tests -- moving quickly through with a shotgun approach.
  • Grab what records possible -- with little to no tuning.
  • Revisit results and snipe them better with increased tunings

Preparing the hardware was paramount to getting any results (an ounce of prevention is worth a TON of results. Our boards for the event were benched frozen/wet/and iced over. Here are some images of the frozen hardware and prep.

The people that attended made it fun. Here are some images of the people.

The benching process is incredible -- "The best of times, the worst of times..." Here are some images.

Individual results are indicated below.



  The 5970 video cards (as well as some other hardware) were on loan, so they were not overclocked significantly. As stated previously -- all of these achievements can be easily bested with more tuning. However, we wanted to see HOW MANY records we could get or approach with the resources and time available.

Testing Category:

Two Dimensional

  Metric First Place Event Result  
Pi Fast 17.17s. 16.88s (image, post, validation)
WPrime 5.890s 5.797s (image, post, validation)
SuperPi 10.220s 10.234s (image, post, validation)
Cinebench x32 unknown 20211 (image, post, validation)
CPU-Z Multi unknown 6719 (four cores) (image, post, validation)
CPU-Z Single 6864 6866.93 (single core) (image, post, validation)

Testing Category:

Three Dimensional

  Metric First Place Event Result  
Vantage Multi-Card AMD 031,716 (2x5970) (image, post, validation)
3DMark03 Single-Card AMD 059,763 (4850GPU) (image, post, validation)
3DMark03 Multi-Card AMD 174,727 (2x5970) (image, post, validation)
3DMark05 Single-Card AMD 045,389 (5970) (image, post, validation)
3DMark05 Multi-Card AMD 047,762 (2x 4870X2) (image, post, validation)
3DMark05 Multi-Card (none at the time) 046,957 (2x5970) (image, post, validation)
3DMark06 Single-Card (none at the time) 34,685 (5970 - Stock) (image, post, validation)
3DMark06 Multi-Card (none at the time) 37,157 (2x5970) (image, post, validation)

Testing Category:


  Ice Sculpture 12.5" largest Diameter 6lbs of formed ice  
  Click for a gallery of images...

Interesting Facts:

Cold Stuff 120L of Liquid Nitrogen 20lb Dry Ice (for fun)    
Hours Preparation 4 hours boards prep. 16 hours memory profiling 12 hour organization and general prep.  
Hours Benching 25 Bench-Hours      
Food (abbreviated) 3 Large Pizzas 4 Spicy Italian Subs Several bags of chips and soda  
Most Individuals In Room 9 people 1 cat    
Cups of Coffee 30 Cups